About Us

OpenSkyServices is an online startup consulting business. We specialise in assistance service in academic work in the higher educational institutions, developing and optimising resume/curriculum vitae, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.


Our Mission:

To improve lives and positively impact society by 

  • helping students enjoy and gain valuable learning experience by keeping academic integrity and authenticity at the core of their academic life; and

  • helping individuals display their full potentials to meet the right recruiters/employers and prospects.

Our Objectives:

  • To be ‘’the Academic Assistance’’ helping students self-produce high-quality academic work and uphold academic integrity.

  • To be ‘’the Helping Hand’’ assisting internship/job-seekers be their best and get noticed by the right recruiters/employers, prospects or institutions.


Our Values:

Define who we are as individuals, what we do, why and how we do what we do.



We are passionate about improving lives and society by helping our clients be their best while attaining their desires/dreams. We are happy to see our clients happy and fulfilled.


Continuous Learning:

We are passionate and committed to continuous learning to improve ourselves and our services to serve our clients best. We welcome and appreciate constructive feedback from our clients.



We believe good business is fair, creates real value for people and positively impacts society.