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Roland Bou-Malham - Web Developer, Lebanon

“OpenSkyServices is the best when it comes to writing Resume. Start of May 2022 I was looking for paying remote Web Developer jobs with no success at all, my CV wasn’t being noticed at all, and I wasn’t invited to any interviews. After Contacting OpenSkyServices I got a detailed explanation and walkthrough of why my Resume wasn’t being noticed. After Receiving the updated Resume it passed the ATS and in 1 week I received 12 interviews from companies based in USA, UK, France, Canada and Germany just to name a few. Which Ultimately led to getting an employment contract and signing in 3 weeks time.

I’ll be forever thankful to OpenSkyServices, especially the founder Shirley who is the kindest and cares a lot about the success of her clients. I would recommend OpenSkyServices for anyone who is looking for a job (Fresher or Intermediate), if you want proven results and high paying jobs, get in touch and be ahead of all applicants/competitors.”

Service: Resume Development OR Optimisation (Compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems)

Tracy P. Uzoigwe - MSc Student, Nigeria

“In September 2021, I needed to get an application fee waiver for my graduate admission at  Stanford University and Openskyservices made it happen. They worked with me to self-produce an exceptional essay that stood out amongst hundreds of applications. My application fee was waived successfully. Thanks to OpenSkyServices.”

Service: Academic Essay Partner

Tracy P. Uzoigwe - MSc Student, Nigeria

“In August 2021 when I decided to start my PhD applications abroad, I was clueless about how to write a statement of purpose. I reached out to OpenSkyServices for assistance. I can say for a fact that all the conversations I had with the team consistently helped me to realize my real motivation for graduate school. With this, they helped me to self-produce a phenomenal statement of purpose for my application. I couldn’t have asked for better.” 

Service: PhD Purpose of Statement

Tracy P. Uzoigwe - MSc Student, Nigeria

OpenSkyServices don’t just write a CV for you, they help you to realize how great you can become with your achievements so far. That is the exact feeling I felt when I received my revamped CV for my PhD application from OpenSkyServices in August 2021.” 

Service: Curriculum Vitae Optimisation

Grace Nguyen - MBA Student, Italy

“OpenSkyServices was excellent. I was very happy to get to know the founder Shirley and get her help with my academic career over the years. Thanks to her guidance and assistance in July 2021, I was able to deliver a great essay for my project in the Organizational Behavior subject. My professor at the University of Turin gave me this comment: ” The essay was extremely well written with great use of critical thinking and analysis and effective engagement with academic literature.” He scored my essay 30/30 with honor. Outside this project, she helped me build a strong resume and cover letter for job applications. All came out finally with great results. I’m extremely satisfied and happy with OpenSkyServices. Highly recommended for students and new graduates.” 

Service: Academic Essay Partner; Resume DevelopmentCover Letter Development

Kayla Umukoro - NYSC Member, Nigeria

“In 2021, I applied for a program in Lagos Business School, Lagos Nigeria under the ViMP program, which required me to write an essay as an assumed TedEx speaker. After writing my essay, I sent it over to Shirley to go through it. She said my chosen essay topic is good and unique, but she noted some challenges with my work. My essay was very confusing, my message wasn’t clear, and the reader may not get the message I was trying to pass to them. Also, I misused my punctuation too amongst other things. We had a brainstorming session, where I shared my ideas, motivation and the awareness I wanted to create. Alongside the results from the brainstorming session, the academic materials she sourced externally for me to study, and her feedback, I reworked my essay and brought it to perfection. This learning process helped me to better prepare for the interview. And yes, I got into the program in Lagos Business School Nigeria.”

Service: Academic Essay PartnerAcademic Material Sourcer

Kayla Umukoro - Graduate, Nigeria

“In 2019, I was frustrated while writing my final year HND Project in Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Lagos, Nigeria. This was because I was handling a topic that hadn’t been widely explored yet. Which made getting materials for it a bit difficult. Also, my then supervisor in school helped a little bit less than I would have wanted. Then, Shirley (the founder of OpenSkyServices) came into the picture. We discussed my topic and the challenges I was experiencing. She went through what I had done previously. We brainstormed on what I wanted to achieve, and within a short period, she returned with feedback on how to improve. I had to rework what I have done with the comments provided by her. Shirley went as far as sourcing high-quality journals for me to further study, and include in my project. With Shirley’s guidance and supervision, I was able to do absolutely better. I even assisted my colleagues with the insights I gained from her. She is the absolute best at what she does. Plus her patience with her clients deserves a five star.”

Service: Academic Project PartnerAcademic Material Sourcer

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